Boards and Committees

Elected Positions:

  • Moderator: Jerome Cole

  • Selectmen:  Larry Wyckoff (Chair), Dana Sweet, George Putnam

  • Clerk & Treasurer: Mark Schilling

  • Listers: Muriel McCuin, Dale Copping, Cora Conly

  • Auditors:  Bonnie Hitchcock, Darlene Chamberlin, Donna Hutchins

  • First Constable: David Jones

  • Second Constable: Mark Schwartz

  • Collector of Delinquent Taxes: Mark Schilling

  • Grand Juror: Mike Spaulding

  • Library Trustee for 5 Years: Mary Paulman, April Tuck, Don Lange, Thea Whitcavitch, Donna Rooney

  • Trustee of Public Money: Elise Raymond

  • Agent to Convey Real Estate: Terry McCuin

  • Agent to Prosecute and Defend: Alan Sheredy

  • Cemetery Commissioners: Sandy Albright, Kate McCuin-Clark, Jen Bartlau

Appointed Committees and Positions:

  • Cambridge Planning Commission:  Mike Moser (Chair)
    Jill Richardson, April Edwards, Werner Bartlau, Richard Williamson

  • Recreation Board:  Eric Small (Chair)
    Kevin White, Sean Keefe, Tim Souture, Peg Davis, Howard Davis, Kate Clark, Jeff Spring

  • Finance Committee:  Bernie Juskiewicz (Chair)
    Joe Rogers, Terry McCuin, Fred Boyden, Richard Marsh, C. J. Manchester, Nancy Putnam

  • Cambridge Conservation Commission: Justin Marsh (Chair)
    Lucy Higgins (Vice Chair), Sara Lourie (Secretary), Jean Jenkauskas (Treasurer), Tim Larned, Jake O’Connor, John Hayden, Holly Ferris, and Jake Bailey

  • Development Review Board: Jonathan Wood (Chair),  Carroll Peters (Administrative Officer 802-888-7737)
    Jeff Coslett, Mark Boyden, Andy Hoak, David Fay, Greg Johnson

  • CEDAC: Cambridge Economic Development Advisory Committee: Adam Howard, (Chair)
    Jeff Coslett, Mark Delaney, Ron Elliott, Bruce MacMillan, Matt Nicklaus

  • Community Engagement Team: Tyler Machia (chair)
    Krista Huling, Karen Denniston, Meredith Vaughn, Mark Stebbins, George Putnam, Mark Schilling

  • Lamoille County Planning Commission:(Cambridge Directors) Mark Delaney, Dick Goff

  • Lamoille County Planning Commission:(Transportation Advisory Committee) Jane Porter, Bill Morey, Dana Sweet

  • Justices of Peace: (Elected) Munro Brook, William Sander, Jan Sander, Cora Conly, Charlotte Denette, Krista Huling, Ron Elliott, Adam Howard

  • The Board of Civil Authority:  Justices of the Peace, Select Board and Town Clerk

  • Town Service Officer:  Larry Wyckoff

  • Road Foreman: William Morey

  • Tree Warden: Jonathan Wood

  • Lumber Inspector: Jonathan Wood

  • Fire Warden:  Mike Spaulding

  • Fence Viewers: David Gates, Krista Huling

  • Town Health Officer:  Don Lange

  • Emergency Management Director:  Dan StCyr

  • Selectboard Administrative Assistant: Jane Porter